Hybrid Minds: Unlocking The Power of AI + IQ

A Podcast about the Synergies of Artificial & Human Intelligence


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO


"In a world where innovation knows no bounds and human ingenuity meets the unknown power of artificial intelligence, a new era dawns. 

Welcome to hybrid minds: unlocking the power of AI + IQ"

Philipp Wehn

VP Innovation



"I think that the holy grail will be understanding the model.

Pre-filtering data that flows into it, fine-tuning it in the end, and then creating a solution that is trustworthy and that solves a problem that wasn’t possible to be solved before the rise of Gen AI."

Alex Singla

Global Leader



"As people build these tools, it's so critical they build them into day-to-day workflow of how someone acts right, and someone behaves."

A Podcast About Hybrid Intelligence

The combination of artificial intelligence & human expertise

In an era where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, "Hybrid Minds: Unlocking The Power of AI + IQ" offers a unique exploration into the world where artificial intelligence and human expertise converge. Dive into discussions that unravel the extraordinary potential, challenges, and ethical dilemmas of this groundbreaking fusion.


  Featured Episode
Inside Walmart's AI-Driven Future for Retail Excellence

David Glick,  SVP, Enterprise Business Services at Walmart


David shares his insights on managing a large engineering team and the significance of digital transformation and generative AI under the leadership of CEO Doug McMillan. David and Vahe discuss Walmart's strategic shift towards building more in-house systems to handle its massive scale better, enhancing both agility and customization. 

Measuring AI Maturity in Global Banking

Alexandra Mousavizadeh, CEO of Evident


Alexandra delves into the complexities of the Evident AI Index and its transformative impact on the banking sector. They explore the pioneering methodology behind the index, its role in assessing AI maturity across global banks, and how North American banks are leading in AI adoption. Gain insights into the strategic moves propelling these banks to industry leadership.

The AI Financial Evolution 

Hanna Helin, Global Head of Technology Innovation at the London Stock Exchange Group


In this episode, we explore Hanna's career journey in AI and technology, unveiling the seismic shifts brought about by AI in financial institutions. From the bedrock role of cloud computing and big data to the transformative power of OpenAI's GPT, we navigate through milestones that have democratized AI access and reshaped new markets.

Decoding Our Coexistence Around AI 

Raffi Krikorian, CTO at Emerson Collective


On this episode, host Vahe Andonians welcomes Raffi Krikorian to discuss the complexities of control and responsibility we share with technology. They discuss the threads of human influence over tech evolution, challenging the pervasive notion that we're at the mercy of these digital forces. 

The Evolution of Healthcare Through AI

Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Department Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Human Health at Mount Sinai


Learn about the profound impact of artificial intelligence on personalized healthcare and early disease detection. Exploring vital aspects like the ethical considerations surrounding AI, the potential of hybrid intelligence, and the expanding role of AI in drug discovery and complex data interpretation, Dr. Fuchs underscores the pivotal role of AI as both a tool for physicians and a catalyst for advancements in healthcare.

Tomorrow's Job Demand Market Through the Power of AI

Joseph Drambarean, CPO, and CTO at Trovata.


Discover how AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for personal growth, making individuals more creative, faster, and ultimately more prolific with Joseph Drambarean, CPO and CTO at Trovata. Gain insights into the exciting future Joseph envisions—a seamless blend of human and AI creativity, where the lines between "us and them" blur, creating a space for unprecedented, uncharted behavior and collaboration.

AI and Human Collaboration: Navigating Ethical Frontiers

Beena Ammanath, the driving force behind the Global Deloitte AI Institute and Trustworthy AI

Lara Abrash, Chair of Deloitte US


join in on an engaging conversation with Beena Ammanath and Lara Abrash in a captivating dialogue exploring the evolving synergy between human intelligence and AI, along with its profound ethical and societal implications. Beena sheds light on the boundless potential of AI as it transforms industries and simplifies everyday tasks. Meanwhile, Lara delves into the challenges organizations face amid the rapid evolution of AI.

Artificial Intelligence: The Journey and the Risks with Jaan Tallinn

Jan Tallinn, Founder of Skype and Kazaa 


Join us on this fascinating journey to explore the groundbreaking world of AI and its potential implications for society and businesses. Listen in as we tackle the difference between summoning AI and aliens and discuss how it impacts our ability to control the outcomes of AI development. We also delve into the idea of computational universality, the Church-Turing thesis, and how AI is advancing rapidly due to the need for significant computational resources.

Building GenAI for IP,
Data Privacy, & Workflow Integration

Alex Singla, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company & Global Leader of QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey


Alex sheds light on identifying company-specific opportunities, organizing and governing AI tools, balancing risk and value creation, and navigating the future of talent and tech stacks in financial services companies. We also take a look at the journey of getting started and learning quickly to harness the power of generative AI. We also take a look at the journey of getting started and learning quickly to harness the power of generative AI. We explore the art of creating cost-efficient, scalable solutions that drive adoption and navigating the learning process to maximize speed, cost structure, and reusable code.

AI’s Role in Perfecting
Real-Time Location Systems

Philipp Wehn, Vice President of Innovation & Venture Building at Siemens


In this episode, Philipp unveils Siemens' remarkable journey of harnessing AI to achieve unparalleled accuracy in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). He shares inspiring real-life stories, including a deeply personal account of how this cutting-edge technology played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of his newborn child in a hospital. Discover the myriad applications of AI-powered RTLS in healthcare and manufacturing and how it's revolutionizing these industries.

Meet Our Podcast Guests


Jaan Tallinn

Founder of Skype,
Founder of Kazaa


Alex Singla

Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, and
Global Leader of QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey


Philipp Wehn

Vice President of Innovation &
Venture Building, Siemens


Beena Ammanath

The driving force behind the Global Deloitte AI Institute & Trustworthy AI


Lara Abrash

Chair of Deloitte US


Joseph Drambarean

CPO & CTO at Trovata


Dr. Thomas Fuchs

Department Chair of Artificial Intelligence & Human Health at Mount Sinai


Raffi Krikorian

CTO at Emerson Collective


Hanna Helin

Global Head of Technology Innovation at the London Stock Exchange Group

About the Host


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO, Cognaize

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