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Episode 5

Tomorrow’s Job Demand Market Through the Power of AI

Joseph Drambarean, CPO, and CTO at Trovata
Discover how AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for personal growth, making individuals more creative, faster, and ultimately more prolific. As Joseph navigates the evolving landscape of AI, he challenges the common narrative about job displacement, offering a nuanced perspective on how technological adoption reshapes the landscape of human capital needs over time.
Gain insights into the exciting future Joseph envisions—a seamless blend of human and AI creativity, where the lines between "us and them" blur, creating a space for unprecedented, uncharted behavior and collaboration. Delve into the depths of AI's impact on creative exploration as Joseph shares his experiences launching a generative AI tool. Explore the joy and engagement that result from human-like interactions with AI and how this symbiotic relationship is poised to redefine our understanding of creativity.
Join us for a captivating exploration of the intersection between AI and human ingenuity, where Joseph's expertise and forward-thinking insights shed light on a future where innovation, creativity, and technology converge to shape a new frontier of possibilities

Meet the Guest & Host


Joseph Drambarean

CPO & CTO at Trovata


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO at Cognaize

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