Bringing the Promise of AI to Finance

The Financial Insights Engine™ is the core of the Cognaize solution. It delivers unmatched speed and accuracy in the automation of extracting insights from unstructured data, powered by uniquely advanced AI technology backed by ultra-deep domain knowledge.


Financial documents processed to date


Documents processed every month by the Cognaize Financial Insights Engine™

How the Financial Insights Engine™ works


Data Ingestion

Trained on one of the largest financial document datasets ever assembled, our product immediately predicts values to be extracted


Expertise Integration

The client’s operations team — or expert Cognaize analysts — audit the results. The Financial Insights Engine incorporates this expertise to train, tune, and test its model’s predictions.


Continuous Improvement

Expert changes are used to retrain the AI models, improving automation accuracy significantly with each iteration.

Advantages for Financial Institutions

  • Reduce operating costs for unstructured data processing by as much as 90%
  • Generate a massive volume training data on an ongoing basis without the need for a separate annotation process
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of automation with a solution that is purpose-built for finance and outperforms generic AI models by 60 to 90%
  • Integrate quickly and easily with internal systems
  • Empower teams to discover new revenue-building opportunities 
  • Increase team productivity, satisfaction, and retention

Why Cognaize is different 

With a uniquely business-centric approach, the Cognaize solution helps financial institutions develop lasting competitive advantages.

Traditional AI systems are model-centric

In typical model-centric applications of AI, the data science development process runs completely separately from data capture, which is managed by the operations team.


Cognaize empowers a business-centric approach

With Cognaize, institutions can take a business-centric approach that brings lines of business and data science closer together. The Cognaize solution helps analysts validate data more efficiently in their daily work, and uses the results as rich training data that continuously improves model

Empowering operations teams with AI

The Financial Insights Engine™ is specifically designed for financial analysts on operations teams who extract and validate data as part of their daily workflow and are fluent in financial terminology. With the Financial Insights Engine, analysts not only work more efficiently but also generate valuable training data without a separate annotation exercise. In other words, institutions produce more training data at a significantly lower cost, empowering data science teams to refine models continuously and accelerate automation.

More data means better models

The type and quality of training data is essential in AI. This is why our models are trained only with financial data, and why we specialize in collecting far more industry-specific data than the competition.

Better Training Data Is Key

Consistent data annotation is extremely important because inconsistencies disrupt the model and produce unreliable insights. With our approach, analysts from any line of business  or our in-house experts ensure that training data are labeled with consistency.

Financial Industry Focus

At Cognaize, we focus exclusively on AI applications within the financial industry. As a result, our models learn much faster and outperform on the metrics that matter most to our customers.

Market-Proven Solution

The Cognaize solution helps some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world extract insights from unstructured data, delivering benefits to lines of business and the data science team.