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For the first time, AI works in tandem with subject matter experts and data scientists to bring industry-specific automation to financial services companies. Benefit from ever-improving results with each validated document.

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An IDP Solution Designed to Continuously Improve Your Business


Cognaize AI Platform

A document automation solution designed to continuously improve your business–in record time.

Our platform streamlines the document automation process, helping you go from concept to production in record time. Easily customize workflows and generate insights that fuel acclaimed data scientists with valuable training data. Efficiently engineer AI models into these workflows to maximize optimization–our system automatically evaluates model results over test data sets and production.

To ensure strict control over data privacy, auditability, and compliance-related requirements such as GDPR, Cognaize can be deployed in a public or private cloud or on-premise. The SDK delivers training data to your data science team for model retraining and integration, while APIs integrate Cognaize into your in-house database or downstream applications.

Simply define the insights you would like to gain - irrespective of data type. work
Effortlessly define and adapt workflows, interjecting experts wherever necessary.
Confirm structural information, including tables, and correct in the rare instances where AI may have made an incorrect prediction.
Achieve fast automation and easy adoption through use-case-specific user interfaces your experts are already familiar with.
Deploy AI models with one click and seamlessly integrate them into your workflow.

3+ Million

Complex financial documents
processed to date


Complex financial documents
processed every month


Hybrid Intelligence Methodology

Transformative productivity through human-AI collaboration.

Bridge the gap between your data science and financial experts with a fresh approach to automation. Hybrid intelligence puts your experts at the center of the automation process, enabling them to gain immediate efficiency while generating domain-specific training data to improve automation efforts.

Cognaize data-centric artificial intelligence (AI) platform methodology

Managed Services

Financial and data science expertise to augment your in-house capabilities.

Our team of highly trained financial services experts are available to augment your staff. Lean on us for data validation during spikes, or outsource the entire process to us.

Don't have in-house data science capabilities? No problem. Our AI specialists will develop and maintain your proprietary model ensuring you continue to reap the benefits of AI without ever sacrificing privacy or security.


Document Automation, Simplified

Document automation simplified

  • Consumer
  • Mortgage
  • Small business
  • Commercial
  • Auto claims
  • Home insurance claims
  • Mailroom automation
  • ESG
Investment banking
  • Trade execution
  • Investment monitoring
  • Investment analysis
  • ESG

Sample Document Types

Automation for Every Role

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