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Deep learning is the most effective technology for processing unstructured documents, but it requires a large amount of training data - especially when those documents are complex. This presents a problem - as the amount of training data increases, the benefits of additional data decrease, while the cost of obtaining it remains constant.

With Cognaize, training data is generated continually as a byproduct of data validation performed by subject matter experts in your business units. This continuous flow of high-quality and relevant training data is delivered to the data science team so your models never stop improving until they reach or exceed expert accuracy levels.


Get a head start with
pre-trained models

Get a head start with pre-trained models

Right out-of-the-box, Cognaize delivers finance-specific foundation models trained on more than 1.3 million financial documents, enabling you to receive  value from subject matter experts from the start.


Break down silos and drive exponential value

One of the most common impediments to building automation solutions is a breakdown in communication between the business and data science teams leading to misalignment. Often this can be due to new document types or documents changing without the tech team’s knowledge.


Cognaize offers a new way of working. We provide an integrative experience for both teams.  With subject matter experts now generating training data as a byproduct of routine data validation, any new document types or changes are immediately flagged to the data science team. Data science teams can structure more precise data validation by putting the expert at the center to validate data at various stages and for each type of model. 

For example, if we consider a document with numerous tables, a first validation step can be added to make sure tables are detected properly. Then a subsequent validation step can check the extracted values per table. This helps catch model discrepancies before they snowball into larger issues for data science teams to identify and resolve.


Measure results in real time

Effective and transparent measurement is critical to advancing automation efforts. With Cognaize you can automatically measure the effectiveness of each analyst as well as each deployed model via a native dashboard that all teams can access. This level of transparency ensures alignment across data science and business teams, enabling more effective collaboration. 


Test and deploy new models in one integrated platform

The Cognaize platform provides an integrated development environment and workflow engine making it easy to create new AI models or update existing ones.


The Cognaize AI platform can also integrate with the data science team’s preferred development environment or workflow engine.

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