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Hallucinations: Bug or Feature?

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About the Webinar

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology for financial service firms, the nuanced role of AI "hallucinations" is reshaping the approach to data extraction. Our partnership with industry leaders underscores the trust and efficacy of Cognaize's AI solutions in meeting the stringent demands of financial automation processes.

This webinar is not just an opportunity to learn about AI's impact on the financial industry but also a chance to understand how your company can benefit from secure and responsible AI applications.

Key Webinar Highlights

The Dual-Edge Nature of AI Hallucinations

Insights into AI's unpredictable outputs and their implications.

AI-Driven Document Automation & Extraction Tasks

Explore how AI is revolutionizing document processing, enhancing efficiency, and accuracy in the financial sector.

Interactive Q&A Session

A unique opportunity to directly engage with Vahe Andonians, addressing your queries and discussions.

Your Expert Guide


Vahe Andonians
Founder, CTO & CPO, Cognaize

Vahe Andonians, Cognaize Founder, Chief Product Officer, and Senior Lecturer in AI at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, brings a wealth of knowledge in AI and banking. His expertise positions him perfectly to navigate you through the intricate world of language models.

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  Finance Professionals

  Technologists in Banking

  Students & Academics in Finance

  Students & Academics in AI

  AI Enthusiasts

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