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Episode 3

Artificial Intelligence: The Journey and the Risks with Jaan Tallinn

Jaan Tallinn, Founder of Skype and Kazaa 
Join us on this fascinating journey to explore the groundbreaking world of AI and its potential implications for society and businesses. Listen in as we tackle the difference between summoning AI and aliens and discuss how it impacts our ability to control the outcomes of AI development. We also delve into the idea of computational universality, the Church-Turing thesis, and how AI is advancing rapidly due to the need for significant computational resources. The risks associated with AI's black box nature, the difficulty of predicting how AI might act in the future, the public's attitude towards AI, its potential economic implications, and the increasing leverage of technology are all on the table. we discuss the potential implications of AI and how it differs from the human brain. Jaan provides intriguing insights into the need for regulation and the potential pitfalls of having one company control the compute. We debate the pros and cons of constraining AI experiments and consider the potential risks of centralization versus existential risks.

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Jaan Tallinn

Founder of Skype,
Founder of Kazaa

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Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO, Cognaize

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