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Episode 9

Measuring AI Maturity in Global Banking

Alexandra Mousavizadeh, CEO of Evident

On this episode of Hybrid Minds, join host Vahe Andonians and special guest Alexandra Mousavizadeh, CEO of Evident, as they delve into the complexities of the Evident AI Index and its transformative impact on the banking sector. The two explores the pioneering methodology behind the index, its role in assessing AI maturity across global banks, and how North American banks are leading in AI adoption. Gain insights into the strategic moves propelling these banks to industry leadership. Venture further into the dynamic world of banking and AI with a discussion on JP Morgan’s innovative AI strategies, highlighting their approach to achieving excellence in AI integration through dedicated research teams and strategic partnerships.

Alexandra and Vahe tackle the responsible use of AI, emphasizing the importance of agility and strategic talent acquisition within the banking industry. Tune in as they analyze the challenges and emerging trends in AI deployment, considering the potential risks and rewards.

Alexandra sheds light on environmental concerns and the increasing significance of open-source models, essential for both large banks and smaller entities. Alexandra concludes with a critical look at the societal implications of AI, from debates over Artificial General Intelligence to the pressing need for regulation on social media platforms. Don’t miss this comprehensive exploration of how AI is reshaping not only business landscapes but also societal structures.

Meet the Guest & Host


Alexandra Mousavizadeh

CEO at Evident


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO at Cognaize

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