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Episode 10

Inside Walmart’s AI-Driven Future for Retail Excellence

David Glick,  SVP, Enterprise Business Services at Walmart


In this episode, Vahe Andonians and David Glick explore the multifaceted role he plays in driving technological innovation within the company. From payment systems to people technology, and even legal tech, David sheds light on the vast responsibilities that fall under his purview. They also discuss Walmart's strategic shift towards building more in-house systems to handle its massive scale better, enhancing both agility and customization. Listen in as David shares his insights on managing a large engineering team and the significance of digital transformation and generative AI under the leadership of CEO Doug McMillan.


Vahe and David delve into the intricate integration of AI and human expertise, particularly through Walmart's innovative platform, Element, which optimizes the selection of AI models for specific tasks. Discover how the challenges of prompt engineering are being addressed and how AI is transforming internal knowledge management. The discussion highlights the importance of achieving accurate, deterministic answers in critical scenarios and the dynamic interplay between AI capabilities and human oversight. This chapter provides a fascinating look at how Walmart is harnessing AI to enhance efficiency and integrate new technologies seamlessly into existing workflows.


Finally, they  explore the broader impact of AI on large organizations and the retail sector, focusing on Walmart's pioneering efforts. AI's transformative potential is immense, from boosting productivity and improving customer service to revolutionizing e-commerce personalization and inventory management. Hear David's optimistic perspectives on AI and its future, as well as ethical considerations and the importance of precise guidelines to ensure responsible AI use. This episode is a compelling journey through the innovative ways Walmart is leveraging AI to stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

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Meet the Guest & Host

David Glick

David Glick

 SVP, Enterprise Business Services at Walmart


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO at Cognaize

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