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Episode 1

AI’s Role in Perfecting Real-Time Location Systems

Philipp Wehn, Vice President of Innovation & Venture Building at Siemens
In this episode, Philipp unveils Siemens' remarkable journey of harnessing AI to achieve unparalleled accuracy in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). He shares inspiring real-life stories, including a deeply personal account of how this cutting-edge technology played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of his newborn child in a hospital. Discover the myriad applications of AI-powered RTLS in healthcare and manufacturing and how it's revolutionizing these industries.    Philipp compares traditional homes with their smart counterparts, examining the transformative influence of voice models like Siri and Alexa in reshaping our interactions with living spaces. Dive into the world of computer vision, with a special focus on its rapid growth in China, and explore the pressing challenges of safeguarding data privacy in the future of smart buildings. Philipp sheds light on the integration of AI into corporate strategies, discussing its profound impact on productivity. This riveting conversation is filled with intriguing insights and real-world examples of AI in action that you won't want to miss.

Meet the Guest & Host


Philipp Wehn

VP of Innovation & Venture Building, Siemens


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO at Cognaize

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