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Episode 7

Decoding Our Coexistence Around AI

Raffi Krikorian, CTO at Emerson Collective

On this episode, host Vahe Andonians welcomes Raffi Krikorian to discuss the complexities of control and responsibility we share with technology. They discuss the threads of human influence over tech evolution, challenging the pervasive notion that we're at the mercy of these digital forces. The conversation navigates through the ethics of AI, the societal impact of tech centralization, the pivotal role of open source in maintaining a rich tapestry of innovation, and the ways companies leverage our psychology to hook us on their products, underlining the importance of introspection in understanding tech's grip on our lives.

They illuminate the balancing act required to harness the power of open-source AI for good while guarding against its potential to spread misinformation and influence voter behavior. From the impact of social media and atomic energy to the timeless wisdom of standing on the shoulders of giants, the discussion with Rafi offers profound reflections on progress and the iterative nature of innovation

Meet the Guest & Host


Raffi Krikorian

CTO at Emerson Collective


Vahe Andonians

Founder, CTO & CPO at Cognaize

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