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Bridging AI & Human Expertise in Financial Analysis

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About the Webinar

Date: Friday June 28, 2024
Time: 4pm GMT / 11am EST
Duration: 1 Hour

The "Human (Sometimes) in the Loop" webinar is for professionals eager to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and human expertise in the financial domain.

Topics Covered


How Data Extraction & Analysis Can Be Systematically Organized

In this segment, we will explore how data extraction and analysis can be systematically organized and enhanced through various corpora of knowledge.

Vahe Andonians will discuss company-specific definitions of individual line items, demonstrating how these frameworks provide a solid foundation for effective AI-based decision-making in the financial sector. Learn how to harness the power of ontologies to elevate your financial knowledge and insights.


A Judgment Layer Transformed by Hybrid Intelligence

Discover the transformative potential of a judgment layer powered by hybrid intelligence. Vahe Andonians will reveal how combining human expertise with AI insights can lead to better decisions and refined analysis within the financial industry.

This segment will showcase practical applications and real-world examples of how expert judgment is crucial in navigating complex financial landscapes.

Key Webinar Highlights

Enhancing Financial Knowledge Through Corpora of Knowledge

Data extraction and analysis organized and enhanced through corpora of knowledge.

Enabling Expert Judgment in Financial Analysis

Judgment layer empowering financial experts with AI insights.

Interactive Q&A Session

A unique opportunity to directly engage with Vahe Andonians, addressing your queries and discussions.

Your Expert Guide


Vahe Andonians
Founder, CTO & CPO, Cognaize

Vahe Andonians, Cognaize Founder, Chief Product Officer, and Senior Lecturer in AI at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, brings a wealth of knowledge in AI and banking. His expertise positions him perfectly to navigate you through the intricate world of language models.

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Who Should Attend?

  Finance Professionals

  Technologists in Banking

  Students & Academics in Finance

  Students & Academics in AI

  AI Enthusiasts

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