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Transform your data from unstructured to decision-
ready. Cognaize automates unstructured data using
hybrid intelligence – delivering ever-better data
quality with every document.


Rising volumes of unstructured data are complicating virtually all CDO responsibilities, from security and compliance to quality and lineage


Cognaize’s AI platform is tailor-made for financial organizations. We put your experts at the center of the automation process, ensuring the highest-quality outcomes. We deploy exclusively in your environment, ensuring strict control over your IP, auditability, and data quality.


Constant learning
for continuous

Constant learning for
continuous improvement

Cognaize has designed a unique document automation solution that combines best-in-class models with a process innovation that delivers superior results.


Our deep learning models are trained on millions of financial documents, and our intuitive UI is designed to integrate seamlessly into a financial expert’s daily workflow. Each validation delivers new and relevant training data to help your data science teams to continuously improve automation.

This hybrid intelligence approach delivers an unprecedented level of precision. With continuous use, automation accuracy gets ever-better, improving data quality and helping to deliver powerful competitive advantages for banks, insurers, asset managers, and financial data providers.


Financial document
automation simplified

Financial document automation simplified


  • Consumer
  • Mortgage
  • Small business
  • Commercial


  • Auto claims
  • Home insurance claims
  • Mailroom automation
  • ESG

Investment banking

  • Trade execution
  • Investment monitoring
  • Investment analysis
  • ESG

Sample document types


Maximize the
potential of your data

Cognaize helps CDOs develop a proactive, service-oriented strategy for unstructured data


Gain a competitive advantage


Improve data quality 


Reduce compliance risk

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hybrid intelligence, and document automation.

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