Actionable Intelligence from Unstructured Data

Use the power of AI to automate the extraction of insights

Harness the Power of AI

Banks, insurers, and other financial institutions are processing more documents than ever. The accumulation of these unstructured data pose significant risks and challenges if they remain uncontrolled.

Traditional manual processes for managing unstructured data are too slow and expensive, and generic AI models are not trained on the nuances of financial documents. Cognaize delivers advanced AI models pre-trained by financial experts to automate these workflows. We enable institutions to extract insights from complex documents in a cost-effective way and gain a competitive edge.

The Financial Insights Engine™

Powered by deep learning, the Financial Insights Engine™ provides pre-trained AI models that can automate unstructured data processing in a wide range of financial use cases.

  • Purpose-built for finance with AI models trained on +1.3 million financial documents
  • Market-proven with leading banks, ratings agencies, insurers, and real estate companies
  • Cost-efficient approach that generates training data through routine data validation
  • Platform-agnostic deployment on major cloud services or in secure on-prem environments

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Solving Urgent Financial Data Challenges

The surge of unstructured data complicates the responsibilities of Chief Data Officers across the financial industry. Cognaize can help CDOs adopt a business-centric strategy for these data sets and move quickly to address critical operational challenges.

  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Data Quality & Uniformity
  • Data Lineage
  • Cloud Migration Financial Spreading

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