Automating Unstructured Data with Hybrid Intelligence

Groundbreaking financial document automation
that puts your experts at the center.

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Put your experts
at the center


Hybrid Intelligence

Between generic AI models and untrained human validators, automated document processing for financial services firms has failed to progress.

To overcome these challenges, Cognaize has taken a new approach and developed the first and only document automation solution leveraging hybrid intelligence to keep your experts front and center.

Our unique approach combines advanced AI models trained on millions of financial documents with intuitive UX ready to integrate into the daily operations of business teams.

With ongoing use, our platform delivers continuous improvement resulting in meaningful advantages for both business and technology teams in any financial organization.

Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence

IDP solution

The Intersection
of AI & IQ

Cognaize simultaneously empowers data scientists with an endless stream of high quality training data for model development while delivering immediate and continuous efficiency improvements for core business teams to help you build a resilient, ever-better business.

ai-platformAI Platform

  • Deep learning models trained on 1.3 million financial documents
  • Intuitive use-case specific applications designed to seamlessly integrate into analyst workflows
  • SDK for your data science team to retrain and maintain models
  • API data integration 

hybrid-intelligence-methodologyHybrid Intelligence

  • Financial experts benefit from more efficient data extraction
  • Training data is generated as a byproduct of financial experts’ day-to-day data validation
  • Data science teams benefit from an ongoing stream of problem-specific training data to improve their models

managed-services-icon-1Managed Services

  • Finance experts conduct data validation for you
  • Team of data scientists with extensive financial document modeling
  • Customer modeling services to tailor our Artificial Intelligence to your firm’s specifications

Build an Ever-better
Business with Cognaize

Cognaize was developed to fill a void left by generic AI and help financial service firms continuously improve document automation. Every moment, every day, and with every document, you can feel confident in the value Cognaize delivers to your entire organization.

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Exploring the Data Analytics of the Future

Moving to the cloud, ESG & automation

In Q2 of 2023, WBR Insights surveyed 100 CDOs, Heads and other most senior data figures in financial data. Learn more about the topics and download your free copy.

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