Find your competitive advantage through financial document analysis

Get Clearer Insights From Your Financial Industry Data in Less Time

Faster and more precise data extraction and enhanced downstream usability. Our platform delivers unparalleled speed in annotating documents and data for finance professionals, bankers, insurers, asset managers, and data providers. 

Our Solutions

By combining various AI models, we’ve created proprietary solutions, optimized for the financial domain. Our solutions understand complex financial terminology, respect the nuances of privacy and compliance, and ensure accurate, actionable insights, leaving the final decision to the financial experts through state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Enterprise Knowledge Platform

Our AI platform for the enterprise automates complex documents for the financial services industry, customizes workflows, and transforms unstructured data into actionable insights, massively increasing the efficiency and accuracy of operational processes.


Melody is a generative AI chatbot powered by an optimized LLM for financial data, ensuring high performance, efficiency, and accuracy. Enhanced with layout models and a financial data-tailored knowledge graph, Melody outperforms generic chatbots, offering precise, context-aware responses ideal for banks and financial services seeking AI-driven process improvements.

To Cognaize is To Optimize

Our Enterprise Knowledge Platform has processed and enhanced over a million documents, proving that "to Cognaize is to optimize".

Documents annotated
to date

Tables and data
points extracted

Documents processed
per annum

Continuously Improve Your Business

Generic AI isn’t designed for the financial industry. That’s why we’ve built a platform to help financial service firms continuously improve daily document automation for the entire organization.
Profound Layout Understanding

Elevating language models by providing essential context through advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities and an enhanced table detection system capable of identifying complex table structures for efficient querying.

Precise Language Models

Dedicated - and open-domain - models specifically trained and fine-tuned for the financial industry, which benefit from supervised fine-tuning and reinforcement learning based on human feedback, leading to superior outcomes with leaner models that prioritize privacy.

Hybrid Intelligence

Fostering a meaningful collaboration between AI and subject matter experts. This synergy is facilitated through a seamless user experience, a vast library of use-case-specific applications, and a flexible cooperation model that may include teaching modes or sporadic validation.

The Artificial Intelligence Report: FIMA

To find out how AI is implemented in financial services firms, WBR Insights interviewed senior data executives across Europe and North America in Q1.  Explore the topics and download your free copy.


Faster & More Accurate Financial Insights Through Hybrid Intelligence

Transcend generic AI limitations with a unique document automation solution for the financial industry we call Hybrid Intelligence.

Our proprietary platform combines AI trained on vast financial datasets, a seamless UI designed specifically for financial institutions, and a process that enhances data science and business teams' ability to refine automation continuously.

Deep learning models trained on 1.3 million financial documents

Intuitive use-case specific applications designed to seamlessly integrate into analyst workflows

Data science teams benefit from an ongoing stream of problem-specific training data to improve their models

Learn how we can help you with our platform

See how you can access unparalleled accuracy and speed in financial document processing for financial service firms.

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