Unlock Actionable Insights from Unstructured Data

Rising volumes of unstructured data are complicating virtually all CDO responsibilities, from security and compliance to quality and data lineage. The stakes couldn’t be higher for financial institutions. Those that take control of unstructured data will surge ahead, and those that don’t will fall behind.

Cognaize gives CDOs an unprecedented way to solve this problem, empowering banks, insurers, asset managers and others to find actionable insights in unstructured data quickly and automatically — and turn those insights into a lasting competitive advantage.

With Cognaize, CDOs can finally bring the promise of artificial intelligence to bear on the most urgent operational challenges.

Inside the Cognaize AI platform

Cognaize leverages deep learning models pre-trained on more than 1 million financial documents. Its speed and accuracy are uniquely enabled by deep domain knowledge and advanced AI technology.

  1. Purpose-built for finance: Features interfaces and models specifically designed for analysts
  2. Market-proven: Processes +30,000 documents/month for dozens of financial institutions
  3. Cost-efficient: Helps operations and data science collaborate to reduce the cost of model training
  4. Platform agnostic: Supports major cloud platforms and hyper secure on-premise environments.

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From Untapped to Unleashed

Gain a competitive advantage by taking a strategic approach to unstructured data.

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About Us

Cognaize creates actionable intelligence from unstructured data — knowledge that provides financial institutions with powerful competitive advantages. Our customers harvest priceless insights enabled by our proprietary AI platform, exclusive methodology, deep domain expertise and unequaled industry experience solving extremely complex automation problems.

Cognaize’s co-founder, Vahe Andonians, is a serial entrepreneur and senior lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, who has leveraged his vast knowledge in fintech AI to develop some of the underlying theories behind the company’s proprietary technology. 

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